Luna Pleasure Bead System Review by Brandi Bell

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 The Luna Pleasure Bead System is part of the Curated Collection Inspired by Brandi Bell. Below is Brandi's review:

These little Luna Beads are going to rock your world ladies! You may not have known about this type of a product, but once you try it, you’re going to absolutely LOVE it! It’s also really nice to have a non-electric option for your pleasure chest!

The description mentions the “vibrations” that the Luna Beads produce. Just know that this is not a vibrator. The pink and blue beads are hollow and have a smaller weighted ball inside each one. So when the beads move, the weighted ball inside moves and sends waves of sensation from the inside out!

First I wanted to address the fears / reservations I had with these kegel balls: My first fear with these is that once placed inside the vagina, they would fall out! So here’s what I found though: place them as far up as you can comfortably place them (like a tampon placement,) and then they stay fairly secure. Only if you’re literally jumping up and down repeatedly (which feels FUCKING FANTASTIC, by the way!) would they possible slip out. So I’d recommend trying that just so you feel secure in wearing them out of the house.

And on the flip side, my other fear with using a product similar to a Jade Egg (which seems to be ALL the rage these days to help women increase their sexual satisfaction,) is that with a single egg inserted into a vagina that it wouldn’t be easy to get out! So since the Luna Beads have a small string attached to them, there’s zero chance of losing them internally so that fear is gone.

First thing you need to try after testing the placement of the Luna Beads inside of you, is shake / shimmy your hips, like a belly dancer would do. Get the weighted balls to shimmy inside the beads. THAT is such an exquisite feeling! Words can’t come close to telling you what that feels like! (And added bonus for that move – it activates your core muscles, giving you a fantastic exercise for your abs!)

There are so many activities you can do with these lovely Luna Beads… yoga would be on the top of that list! Talk about a fun yoga session! Just do something where you’re actually moving your body. Sitting in an office chair with the beads inside you isn’t going to produce any sensations for you.

So here’s a really nice extra bonus you get from the Luna Beads; they’ll make you really wet! The vagina will naturally increase its own moisture to accommodate the balls, so this is a great prelude to intercourse! And for women that are typically dry down there, this is a really nice natural solution.

Since these are worn internally and stay put and make no noise, you can wear it out on a date, or shopping, or to work, or anywhere else you desire. It’s a great way to work on kegels throughout a day, increase your sex drive before a date and get you naturally lubed up too!

You can also have fun experimenting with these during intercourse! Since the Luna Beads have a string attached for easy retrieval, you can actually wear these internally during intercourse. It sends wonderful sensations internally for you. Have your partner hold onto the string and take this SLOW to find what works for you.

My words of caution for the Luna Beads: Try them out at home first so you know how secure they really are when inserted. But then have fun wearing them out of the house! I’d recommend wearing panties when you do JUST in case. Plus you might be ultra wet wearing the beads too.

This toy really is all about sexual health for women. There are so many benefits from this one little product that will help women enjoy sex more and more. It’s a MUST HAVE!  

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