Curated Collection Inspired by Anne Stagg

Hello and welcome to my Curated Collection.  I’m an author of sex-positive, affirming erotica and erotic fantasy fiction and an advocate for creating healthy, sex-positive spaces for women, the LGBTQIA community, and the kink community both online and in real life. Sexual wellness and the affirmation of sexuality, sexual expression, and gender identity play a huge role in my fiction. I take pride in crafting characters that embrace their bodies and revel in their pleasure without shame or apology. 

I’m bringing that sense of celebration and fearlessness to the collection of toys that I’ve chosen from Desire for Passion’s broad selection. Each piece was chosen because it is well-made, safe for your body, and a delight to bring into both solo play and exploration with a lover or lovers. Our bodies are different, as are our wants and needs, and my hope is that the toys you find in this collection will be the key to unlocking new dimensions of fantasy, excitement, and bliss.

Be Well, Be Wonderful, and Above All, Be You.