Pan-T Vibe

Adrien Lastic

  • $99.00

Part of the Curated Collection Inspired by Brandi Bell

Pan-T Vibe has one incredibly powerful motor and 10 vibration modes, which you will be able to scroll through with the exclusive heart shaped remote control, or with the button located on the product at the waist line.

Wear your Pan-t Vibe underneath your favorite panties and enjoy your strolls, nights out, dinner parties, dates… like never before!

Choose if you’ll like to play alone and make it your dirty little secret or if you rather include your partner and go on a truly exciting journey out in public. Also, you can wear it under a strap on and enjoy the vibrations of Pan-T Vibe on your clitoris while pegging. Independently on how you decide to have your fun… Your orgasm is just one click away!

The product and the belt can be washed with cold water and neutral soap. 

Read Brandi's review below the video:

Brandi's Review

Oh, oh OH MY!! This tiny vibe can be intense in so many wickedly wonderful ways!

Having a remotely controlled vibe opens up a new world of play between partners:

  • Be daring and wear the Pan-T Vibe while out on a date! Tell your partner your limits ahead of time and have a safe word! You’re going to need it.
  • You can also wear this DURING sex! You can be in control of the remote if that’s your style, or let your partner be in control of it.
  • If you like ass play, then wear the panty backwards so the vibe hits your anus. You can even have HIM wear it too if you’d like to turn the tables!
  • Keep a sly smile on your face at work by wearing it under your clothes and sending good vibrations when you need a quick pick-me-up!

The straps are really comfortable and adjustable to a good extent. And even when adjusted to the largest setting, all of the straps are quite stretchy with a soft fabric. And this is sleek enough that you can easily wear it under a tight dress. And then it’s your sexy little secret!

The vibe is really quiet, but when turned on you can hear a slight buzz from it if it’s a very quiet setting. And on the front of the vibe where the controls are, there is a tine red LED light that can be seen through some transparent fabrics, so choose your attire accordingly.

And this baby is rechargeable!! I can’t tell you how nice it is not to have to deal with batteries anymore! Side note: when you first get this fabulous little vibe, it doesn’t look like there’s a place to plug in the charge cord. But since it’s all silicone, there’s a dot next to “DC” and you just stick the plug in there. And once you remove the cord, the silicone remains intact! How cool is that?

This is one of the best couples toys I have come across because it can be used in SO many scenarios! You just have to try it for yourself and you’ll love it as much as I do!

Silent and light, this panty vibe adapts perfectly to the feminine curves, making it easy to wear comfortably and discreetly, thanks to its belt. Its flexible and ergonomic design, allows for maximum contact with the clitoris and for infinite pleasure!


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