Fin Jade


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Part of the Curated Collection Inspired by Anne Stagg

Fin is a small, versatile vibrator worn between the fingers to add stimulating vibration to touch. Fin’s optional tether, dual sensations, and three speeds allow you to choose your own adventure! Seamless to wear and easy to remove, Fin is great for foreplay, sex, or solo use. Fin’s tether is made of stretchy silicone, and fits a variety of hands and fingers. We tested Fin on all kinds of people, ring sizes 4 to 12. Fin has a removable tether and a two sided bulb: one side is flat and squishy, while the other side is pointier. You can hold it at the tips of your fingers, the base of your palm, or anywhere in between. You can also let the vibrations travel through your fingers by flipping Fin to the back of your hand.

  • Easy to wear, easy to remove, easy to switch, easy to charge, easy to please.
  • Materials medical grade Silicone.
  • Powerful 3 speed motor.
  • Rechargeable via USB.
  • Color Green Jade.

Watch Anne's Unboxing Video:

Read Anne's Review:

There’s a lot to be said about this gorgeous little finger vibe. Your imagination is the only thing limiting the enjoyment you’ll get from the Fin by Dame. Fitting between your fingers (or toes) this is a toy that’s great for both solo and partnered play. Use the three distinct vibration patterns to push yourself to the brink of pleasure over and over again or to bring a sensual massage to the next level.

The Fin by Dame is a delight for everyone, cis or trans. It’s splash proof and comes with a USB charging cord.


You’ve set the scene. Tonight, you are going to make love to the most precious lover you’ve ever had. Yourself. You slip the small vibe between your fingers and begin exploring, letting the gentle vibrations tickle your skin.

Every tingle stokes your passion. Heat gathers at the juncture of your thighs. Teasing the delicate skin of your inner thighs, you drag the toy in circles, feinting inward. This evening is meant to be savored, there’s no rush.

When the soft cushion of the toy reaches its final destination at your center, you press until you’re panting with excitement. That is when you pull your hand away, allowing the sensation of imminent release to recede. You shudder with want.

How many times can you stare over the edge of the precipice before you fall? You smile and start again…

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